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The Wedding Trends To Know In 2024

The Wedding Trends To Know In 2024

This month, Holly sat down with Sheer Luxe to talk about the wedding trends to know in 2024. Every wedding day should ultimately have a personal feel, but it’s fun to know what to expect as you begin the search for the perfect dress, the right caterer or the ideal florist. Here are her top 6 trends for all things food and drinks this year:

Oyster Bar interactive food station

Interactive Food Stations

For 2024 we are seeing couples opt for interactive food stations during their receptions to provide a fun dining experience for guests – imagine oyster bars and taco stalls. Gone are the days of traditional sit-down dinners; instead, couples are embracing a more dynamic approach to catering. These stations add an element of fun and excitement to the dining experience for guests.

Nostalgic Comfort Food

More couples are incorporating their childhood favourites into their wedding menus, giving the celebration a sentimental touch. Whether it’s a cherished family recipe or a cosy comfort dish, these additions bring a personal flair to the day. Whether it’s an old family recipe or a go-to comfort meal, these additions bring a personal flair to the day. These thoughtful touches not only satisfy taste buds but also reflect the couple’s shared history and special moments.

Food Miles

In line with a growing trend toward sustainability and locality, couples are increasingly prioritizing seasonal and locally-sourced food for their wedding menus to reflect both the essence of the season and the unique character of the wedding location. For example, in Suffolk that means Baron Bigod cheese and Sutton Hoo chickens. By incorporating these locally-sourced ingredients, couples not only treat their guests to a taste of the region but also support local farmers and producers, contributing to a more sustainable and eco-conscious wedding experience.

Smart London Wedding Lunches

We are seeing modern couples opt for smart London lunches for their wedding. These venues have earlier finish times, so weddings are adapting, starting earlier with lunch, then cocktails and carriages by 10pm. This shift in timing not only caters to the preferences of modern couples but also ensures a memorable and enjoyable experience for all involved, setting the stage for a wedding day filled with style, charm, and a touch of London’s cosmopolitan flair.

Tequila Cocktails

Tequila is rapidly gaining popularity as the go-to spirit option at weddings. Its versatility and ability to enhance cocktails make it a favourite among couples looking to add a fun and sophisticated touch to their celebration. Whether served in classic margaritas or as part of innovative mixed drinks, tequila offers a refreshing and flavourful choice for guests to enjoy. Its presence at weddings adds a festive atmosphere and ensures that everyone can raise a glass to toast the happy couple in style.

Veggie Centrepieces

A growing trend in wedding décor involves incorporating food directly into table settings, adding both beauty and functionality to the dining experience. Simple vegetable centrepieces, for instance, can elevate the table with their natural colours and textures, offering a visually appealing and tasteful touch. This trend allows couples to infuse their personal style and culinary preferences into the celebration, creating a memorable and charming ambiance that reflects their love for both food and each other.

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