Lettice Events

Ultra Urban Farming

With another tough year for the Events & Hospitality industry drawing to a close, it’s not just time to reflect but an opportunity to look forward to future challenges as a way to get better as not only a business but looking at our social and environmental impact.

Supply chains across the world have been hit by the pandemic forcing the world to look ‘local’. Our continued mission to work with more local and independent suppliers has seen us draw inspiration in Ultra Urban Farming from Growing Underground a Zero Carbon Farm producing amazing micro herbs and salads 33m beneath Clapham in an old air-raid shelter!

This type of unique Ultra Urban farming is using redundant prime space to create an amazing product.

Harvest London have taken customer relations to the next level with their Vertical Hydroponic farming at 2 central London. Allowing partnered customers to choose exactly what is grown for them and when it’s picked gives each event a very special touch.

At Lettice we have followed their lead and will be growing our own salads and herbs vertically under UV from 2022 to further reduce our environmental impact. Click here to follow our progress.